Promised Neverland: Mysterious Demons and Season 2

The Promised Neverland’s season 1 ended with Ray, Emma, and others finally escaping the Grace Field House. Now that they have escaped the horror of the merciless orphanage, the series has reinvented itself in Season 2 with a completely new goal and setting. Even the genre and tone are not the same anymore. However, this is nothing new for Promised Neverland which has reinvented itself over and over again. So, the manga is just naturally doing what it does best. Even the anime adaptation appears to be doing really well as of now.

In the Grace Field House story arc, the kids were challenged by Mama Isabella who was always one step ahead of them. The psychological thriller captured the struggle of the kids to protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming demon food. But getting out of the house is not enough. Now that the kids have made it outside, even tougher challenges are waiting for them. The wild is brutal and unforgiving, there will be nowhere else to turn to, so the kids will have to somehow get out of it alive. While the first season of the show was a psychological thriller, the latest season is a hybrid of whimsical fantasy and survival horror.

The season opens with Emma encouraging her friends to run from monsters just like a game of tag. It encapsulates the type of challenges that they now have to face and it also sets the tone for the latest season. At the house, the threat was present but it was not always immediate but in the wild that is not the case. There is an immediate panic of fearing that one could be eaten any minute.

The children are just casually exploring the wild before they have to run for their lives. Once the demons arrive, the tone changes immediately and one can feel that the new season will be much tougher for the kids to survive. The episode ends with an impressive blend of horrific and magical elements. While the demons are chasing the kids, Ray and Emma are rescued by unknown hooded figures. Their savior hardly seems humane but in situations like these, the kids hardly have time to think about what they have to do. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as it is revealed that those two new characters are also demons. However, it is strange that these demons saved them. It is yet not clear whether these demons are to be feared or not. The show has started off well with a mysterious episode and it seems that Promised Neverland is all set for another successful season.

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