Fortnite: All Season 5 Week 3 Challenges

Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 is live and has brought some interesting challenges and rewards for players. Season 5 rewards come at a hefty price, so to help the players, developers have added many ways to earn XP and money to unlock the locked rewards. Season 5 challenges are completely different from the previous season’s challenges and are offering better XP and rewards too.

For the competition, there are a total of 8 challenges in Season 5, Week 3. The challenges contain tasks from killing the enemies in certain ways to destroying the toilets. Fortnite fans are excited to complete these challenges, and if anyone wants to get a little assistance to finish the tasks, here is the guide for them.

List of Season 5 Week 3 Challenges

Deal Damage using Assault Rifles or SMGs

For most of the players, this could be the easiest challenge of Week 3. There is nothing much needed to understand this challenge. To ensure victory is achieved in this challenge, players will have to use AR or SMG weapons to eliminate an opponent. Indeed, players only have deal damage, but even if they eliminate the opponent, it will still do the job. Players must deal at least 500 damage to their opponent to complete the challenge.

Deal Headshot Damage Using Sniper Rifles or Pistols

To complete this challenge, players must wield a Sniper Rifle or a Pistol and mark the enemy on their head. While making a target and shooting over the opponent, players must remember to keep their aim on the head and deal at least 200 damage to fulfill the requirement.

The good thing about the mission is that players can use one among both snipers or pistols. Both weapons will do the job. There are plenty of pistols and snipers available that can be used to finish the following task. Make sure to use a powerful weapon to inflict serious damage quickly.

Destroy Toilets

Destroying the toilets won’t be a tough task for players, but finding a toilet could be. To finish this job, players will have to destroy at least three toilets. Now toilets can be found in the houses, and small rooms. To find a suitable area, players will have to search a little bit until they find the right spot where the toilet is available. For the record, there is a building in Flush Factory, which contains some toilets. To find the following building, players have to enter the Flush Factory on the southeast side of Slurpy Swamp. Once you enter the building, find the toilets, and destroy it to finish the task.

Loot Chests in Holly Hedges, Retail Row, or Craggy Cliffs

Before starting this challenge, they should look for these areas on the map. All these three areas are close to each other, and there’s a high chance that players can find four chests in a single match. So basically, this is the perfect opportunity for players to get the highest number of chests. Among all these three locations, players should pick Retail Row because it’s a small and clear area. In Retail Row, players will have to enter a town in the mountains, and there they can find four chests in two different buildings.

Elimination Using Greater or Rare Weapon

Just like the first challenge, this one is also pretty easy. In the following challenge, players are required to eliminate the opponent using a rare weapon. If anyone has a rare SMG weapon, they can count their weapon to do the job. To finish this task, players don’t have to play with any tactics, and they simply need to eliminate an enemy. If anyone doesn’t have a rare weapon, they need to battle and defeat Mandalorian to obtain his rare sniper rifle. After obtaining a rare sniper, players only have to hunt an opponent for elimination.

Eliminations While in a Vehicle

To finish this task, players will need to put themselves in a tough or dangerous situation. After finding a vehicle, players should travel at the center of the circle, change the seat for shooting and stand up. After doing it, wait for the enemy to arrive and start shooting if they’re in range. Make sure to blast the vehicle or eliminate the enemies from bullets while staying in the vehicle.

Loot Ammo Boxes In Colossal Coliseum or Salty Towers

Like the other missions, in this task, players have two locations to finish their job. In the following challenge, players will not have to change their location until they find several loot boxes. The good thing about this challenge is that players can easily find ammo boxes in both areas, so players can play it in any place they want.


These eight challenges offered a huge number of XP and boosted rewards that will help players move into further levels. All these challenges are quite easy, and players can complete these challenges properly with the help of the mentioned guide. 

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