Fortnite: Where to Find Mandalorian Mythic Boss

Epic Games has officially launched Chapter 2 Season 5 in Fortnite. They have made several changes to the map and brought several new skins and challenges for the fans. Epic Games has also added a new well-known Mythic Boss named The Mandalorian’s Din Djarin. Fortnite has finally moved into a new season, and here developers have mainly focused on challenges, bonuses, and bounty hunters. Adding Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda in the game is also a smart move by the developers. However, fans are looking for Mandalorian, and here is the guide to track him down.

Tracking Down the Mandalorian 

Finding Mandalorian is not going to be a tough task for the fans. To find Mandalorian, players have to reach Zero Point. The Zero Point is a newly added location on the map, and it is located at the center of the map. There you’ll see a crashed Razor Crest and Mandalorian patrolling nearby.

Players who are willing to take on the challenge, they’ll have to deal with plenty of Din’s weapons. It includes a jetpack, mid-range blaster, and a sniper. Make sure to defeat him before he comes closer and takes you down. Once you defeat him, he’ll drop plenty of items, and you can pick those items you think are beneficial.

Collect the Bounty

After defeating Mandalorian, you can collect two unique Star Wars gears. Among two iconic gears, the first one is Mandalorian’s jetpack with infinite fuel, and the other one is an Amban sniper rifle. The Amban sniper rifle is no different from a thermal-scoped assault rifle.

To obtain these two unique gears, you need to defeat Mandalorian first. After arriving at the sand area in Zero Point, you’ll see Mandalorian. Make sure to shoot him from a far distance and keep a powerful weapon in your hand.

The Mandalorian character has arrived in the game after the launching of the new Season 5. Players are happy to have this character in the game. Fans are enjoying the battle against him, but indeed, he’s not easy to deal with the type of boss. Along with the new character, players can also see the new improvements and changes on the map.

Season 4 of Fortnite was started with Marvel-themes heroes, but this one is pretty different. Whatever Epic Games do for their fans is admirable. Before Season 5, they promised their fans that Season 5 would bring some unexpected things. Surely Mandalorian is one of them. This iconic character is currently offering two unique gears that players can obtain.

However, the developers have not confirmed how long it will stay in the game. So before it gets late, make sure to complete this challenge by landing on the right spot on the map.


The arrival of Season 5 has brought a new type of wave in the game. Fans are enjoying the simple challenges even more. Changing and adding new locations on the map is a wise move by developers. Now, these new locations will remain here in the game until the next season arrives. There only a few challenges available now, but surely, next will bring much new content for fans.

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