Genshin Impact: Best Build for Character – Fischl

Undoubtedly, Fischl is among the most attractive characters of Genshin Impact. This character is a complete beauty, but she also owns incredible stats. Because of her incredible stat values, she is also among the most dominant Electro & Bow users. Many popular players of Genshin Impact are using it, but if she’s missing from your team, then you’re missing something important.

Fischl is powerful because of her incredible stats, but you can take her strength to the next level by leveling up and using the right weapons. Right weapon and equipment play a major part while making a player powerful, and it varies character by character. So if you’re interested in her, and looking to add her to your team, then here is the guide you should follow.

Best Weapon for Fischl in Genshin Impact

Fischl is an Electro character, and her Electro abilities are quite impressive. She’s also a Bow user, which is why players should use at least a four-star Bow weapon like Favonius Warbow. The great thing about this Bow weapon is that it can produce elemental orbs that quickly charge her Burst attack. The Burst attack of Fischl summons Oz the Electro raven. After summoning the raven, she can switch her, and players can use it for a certain time. The raven can help the team in the battle.

However, if you’re looking for something extraordinary that deals incredible damage, then you should go with Amo’s Bow and raw power. The Amo’s Bow is a powerful weapon, but it’s not fancy at all. Its damage and range stats are just excellent, and you’ll get bonus damage while using it with Fischl.

Best Artifacts for Fischl

Fischl is good for long-range attacks, and you shouldn’t put her in the front line of the battle. Indeed, she can use several artifacts, but you shouldn’t use those artifacts that can create problems while dodging. You need to use simple and reliable artifacts that enhance her strength and not make things more complicated.

  • Bard’s Arrow Feather
  • Concert’s Final Hour
  • Conductor’s Top Hat
  • Troupe’s Dawnlight
  • Wanderer’s String-Kettle

Artifacts are important for a character like Fischl. Using two artifact pieces can provide her additional 80 elemental mastery, but you should look for four artifact pieces at least. If you manage to find four artifact pieces, you’ll get additional charge attack damage of 35%. With extra elemental mastery and Electro damage, players can wipe out their enemies quickly.

Fischl Playstyle in Genshin Impact

Indeed, Fischl can deal incredible damage on Fray, but it’s never a priority for this character. Fischl’s Burst attack of Oz increases her speed and boosts the damage. Once activated, the Oz shields Fischl from incoming attacks.

Fischl is an incredible character with incredible abilities. The great thing about this character is it’s a four-star character, and that’s why players don’t have to invest so much time to unlock her. Using her with the right Bow weapon and artifacts can boost damage potential, and she can also gain additional abilities.


Like Fischl, every other Genshin Impact character requires different weapons and different artifacts to use. Even if two characters wield the same weapon, their damage value and playstyle can be different. All this happens because of the artifacts and stats. Genshin Impact developers have added several unique things to this game, making it among the most challenging Mobile and PC games.

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