Genshin Impact: Best Build for the Character – Razor

Razor has been a fan-favorite character of Genshin Impact players since the beginning. The biggest reason behind the high preference of this character is its incredible abilities and damage potential. By using his Claymore and Electro abilities, players can make their team more powerful. But to use his powerful abilities, you must be aware of his most preferred equipment. There are plenty of weapons available in Genshin Impact, but very few of them make him reveal his full abilities and potential. So here is the guide of the best build for Razor.

Best Weapons for Razor

As you already know, Razor’s abilities are among the most dominant abilities of Genshin Impact. He’s a Claymore wielder with powerful Electro abilities. To reveal his full potential, you have to start with crafting a four-star weapon. A powerful four-star weapon will give him enough possibility to pass through several challenges. For Razor, Prototype Animus weapon is a remarkable claymore. It deals a great amount of damage and sometimes gives bonus damage too. The great thing about this weapon is that it is available easily because it’s craftable.

However, if you prefer a five-star weapon, then the best option would be Skyward Pride. Undoubtedly, it’s a powerful weapon and deals great damage through its Elemental abilities. Another option for Razor is Wolf’s Gravestone that also deals incredible damage through boosting Electro abilities.

Best Artifacts for Razor

As mentioned earlier, Razor is an Electro character. He can affect its enemies through melee damage with a claymore. You can try multiple artifacts on Razor, but the best one for this character is the Thundering Fury set. It is the only set that can reveal the true attributes of Razor.

● Thunderbird’s Mercy

● Survivor of Catastrophe

● Hourglass of Thunder

● Omen of Thunderstorm

● Thunder Summoner’s Crown

Thundering Fury is also part of the set. If you manage to get two pieces from the set, Razor will deal extra 15% Electro damage. But if you manage to get four pieces, Razor will deal an additional 40% damage over its opponents.

Razor’s Playstyle of Genshin Impact

Razor is special because of damage-dealing potential. If you successfully obtain four artifacts of the set, then you’ll experience the highest strength of Razor. Using the right weapon with the right artifacts will enhance its elemental skill to help him and his team. Razor can merge its Electro Skill with its teammates to construct Electro-Charged, Overload, and Superconduct. To create the following charge moves, you need to have Cryo, Hydro, or Pyro elemental character.

When it comes to dealing with immense damage, Razor is always the best option. Using his abilities with the right weapon and artifacts helps him and his teammates. He can take down multiple enemies single-handedly without much effort.


Razor is one of its kinds. This character made his own identity in Genshin Impact by its skills. He’s too quick to clear out the enemies. Using him with at least four or five-star claymore weapons gives him amazing strength and range. While using keeping him in the team, players should keep a healer too. Healers are the best characters when it comes to making the team survive longer.

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