How to Transfer User Data from One Nintendo Switch to Another?

Want to transfer User Data from a Nintendo Switch to another? No problem, the process is simple. You need to follow some tips and instructions to do so. You need to connect both the devices (Old and New) to the same WiFi network and have an AC adapter.  

Things to Consider

Here are the necessary points to know before going through the data transfer procedure:

  • Make sure that both the devices (New and Old) are capable of transferring user data.
  • Ensure that both the old and new devices are properly connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Check that the devices are connected to an AC adapter or not. If not, then connect it instantly.
  • Make sure to check your old and new Nintendo Switch firmware as it must be 9.0 or above.
  • It is also mandatory that your old Switch must have linked with the Nintendo Account.
  • Ensure that the new Switch can’t have more than seven existing members or users.
  • Check and make sure that your new Switch has enough storage space to support the new data.

Once you have read all the steps properly, it is recommended to follow the below-mentioned procedures.

Getting Started with the Old Switch

Follow these steps and make sure that both the devices are on and plugged-in throughout the whole procedure:

  • At the start, go to the Home screen of your device and then hit the System Settings there.
  • Once the Settings page successfully launched on your device, choose the Users option from the side menu.
  • Then, tap the option “Transfer your User Data.”
  • Hit the Next tab there.
  • Select the Next tab again.
  • After that, hit the option “Source Console” to identify the device of your data.
  • Hit the Continue button.
  • You will see a new screen with the message, “Now, it’s time to turn to your new Switch.”

Continue with the New Switch

Use the New Switch and pursue all the instructions carefully:

  • Open the system settings page on your device’s screen.
  • Then, hit the Users option by navigating the side menu.
  • Hit the tab, “Transfer Your User Data.”
  • Tap the Next button.
  • Press the tab Next once more.
  • Now, choose and tap the “Target Console” to identify the device you are using.
  • Then, select the Login tab.
  • Choose the preferred login option from the given choices on your screen.
  • Type all the mandatory details to enter into your account.
  • Tap on Sign-in.
  • Now, you will see a new window with the message, “Now, it’s time to return to the old switch.”

Finish the Transferring Procedure on Old Switch

Pursue these guidelines to end the transfer procedure on your Old Switch:

  • At the start, choose the Transfer button to begin the data transferring procedure.
  • Wait for some time for the transferring procedure to complete. It may take some additional time based on the quantity of the data you have on the previous Switch.
  • Choose the End tab on both the devices once the transfer completes.

Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles used by millions. Sometimes users want to transfer user data from one Switch to another. The process is not so difficult, but you have to make sure that your device is compatible.

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