How to Customize Apple Watch Face Colors and Styles?

Apple Watch is one of the user’s preferred devices. This smartwatch offers information related to health, fitness, time, routes, etc. It has several features and tools to attract users. You can easily change the settings and style of your Apple Watch face with multiple options. In case you don’t know how to customize Apple Watch face colors and styles, then read on.

Customizing Apple Watch Face Colors and Styles Face through Apple Watch and iPhone

Here are the steps to make quick customizations to your Apple Watch Faces:

  • At the start, hit the Digital Crown to reach to the watch face directly on your Apple Watch:
  • Then, hit the watch face to get into customize mode.
  • After that, swipe the watch screen towards either left or right to choose a watch face for customizations.
  • Now, tap the Edit button there.
  • Swipe towards the right-hand side towards the first screen. It’s the style change screen.
  • Some of the Apple Watch faces have only one or two customization displays. The screens are arranged in order of Style, Color, and Complications.
  • Then, rotate your Digital Crown to customize the face style of your Apple Watch.
  • It might be the typeface change like a Numerical face or a different time scale such as a Chronograph face. There is a separate style for a particular face.
  • After that, swipe the watch screen towards the left-hand side to access the color change screen section.
  • Some Watch faces only have one or two customization screens. In case you only see a particular style screen, that means there is no color change option. In case you only see a color display, it means that your style change option is unavailable.
  • Now, hit the option Digital Crown to exit from the panel of customizing screen.
  • Once it is all done, tap the screen.

Customizing Apple Watch Face Colors and Style Face via iPhone

Follow these steps to customize your Apple Watch face colors and styles through iPhone:

  • Open the Watch app directly on your iPhone.
  • Then, locate and tap the My Watch option.
  • Go to the My Faces option and then select a watch face.
  • Choose a color. In case you don’t see the color option, it means that the chosen Watch face isn’t supporting color changes.
  • Hit the Style option. The style option might be time scale, typeface, or another design option.
  • After some time, the style and color customizations will update automatically on your wearable device.
  • Note: For in-depth productivity features and integration, you can add complications to your Apple Watch using third-party apps.

Apple Watch is the most popular wearable device. It offers several features to its users like fitness monitoring, health status and time, calendars, maps, etc. The device also features various customization tools in terms of style and color. One can easily adjust the screen color as per their outfit. Follow the above-mentioned instructions to do the same.

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