Mi Smart Speaker – Review

Well, the smart speaker market is majorly dominated by Google and Amazon, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have other options. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on a decent smart speaker. The Mi Smart Speaker offers almost all the features you could expect from a smart speaker at an affordable price.


The design of the speaker is quite good, and it looks a lot like Sonos One, but Mi Smart Speaker doesn’t look as premier as Sonos One does. The speaker has well-built plastic on top and bottom that look fine. The body of the speaker is of Aluminium along with a perforated grill around the speaker. You even get touch controls to manage volume, microphone, and play and pause the speaker. Despite this, you will get an LED ring on the top of the speaker that indicates if the speaker is listening to your voice commands.

The speaker has a Mi logo at the front and a barrel connector for power at the back, but you will not get any USB-C port on the speaker. The speaker’s weight is not more than 1Kg, and its rubber feet help dampen the vibrations. The design of the speaker is good, but it would be better if they used more premium plastics on the speaker. However, in that price range, it’s amazing.

Sound Quality

The Mi Smart Speaker has a single 2.5-inch driver that gives you an audio output of 12W. While the Google Home uses a single 2-inch driver and Amazon Echo uses a single 3-inch driver.

The audio quality of the Mi Smart Speaker is fantastic and produces an entirely clear and fantastic sound. The speaker is well managed and able to control high treble frequencies very well, and its base is not too bad according to the speaker’s size. The speaker produces very pleasant sounds, and you can even create a stereo pair using two Mi Smart Speakers.

Voice Assistant

The Mi Smart Speaker offers you Google Voice Assistant to control the speaker using your voice. At the top of the speaker, two far-field microphones pick up all the voice commands fantastically from across the entire room. Additionally, you can use the speaker to control smart lights and various other equipment by giving the speaker voice commands.


Well, the speaker has a fantastic sound quality and it sounds much better than the Google Home, but you may not be satisfied with its bass quality if you want a loud bass. Otherwise, the build quality of the speaker is great, and it looks quite decent. Additionally, the speaker has a very loud sound; in fact, it sounds much louder than the Echo Dot and Nest Mini.

The Mi Smart Speaker is available for $48 and in this price range, the features provided by the speaker are more than satisfactory. So, I would recommend that you should buy the Mi Smart Speaker unless you have a specific reason for buying the Amazon Alexa ecosystem or any other expensive smart speaker.

Source: Mi Smart Speaker – Review

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