Animal Kingdom: 5 Characters Who Deserved Better

Animal Kingdom is an American drama TV series debuted on TNT in the year 2016. It is a great series to watch, as it includes romance, drama, crime, and suspense. Cody is undoubtedly the most favorite of every fan of this series. However, fans have also pointed to their least favorite of the crew. Some characters have been dismissed from the series, and that is a shock for the viewers because they deserve to be there in the series according to most of the people.

Here we will discuss five characters who deserved better.


Catherine has tolerated Baz for quite a long time. She must have known that she can’t get rid of the Cody family and come out alive. According to the viewers, she did not deserve the death she got. When she was taken from Lena, Catherine was very upset and which was genuine. She deserved to be there in the series.


Lena is a victim character in this series. She was the young daughter of Catherine and Baz. She grew up in a broken family and was surrounded by crime. First, her mother was killed, and after that, her father was also killed. Due to this, she had to end up in foster care. However, the right thing was done by the Pope to let her go, but she deserved much better.


Lucy was another best character in the Animal Kingdom series, and she was also the most favorite character of the fans. All the fans of Lucy became upset when she left the show. She would have deserved better. She was an intelligent woman and an excellent mother. However, Smurf got her, but that was a matter of shame. She still deserved better.


Colin was another best person and the most favorite of the fans. According to the fans, Colin deserved much better because he brought out the best in Smurf. Though they were criminals still, they loved each other and also had children. The death of Colin was not necessary and disheartening. He did not deserve the way he got caught. Even if he was considered a criminal, he still deserved better.


It was very difficult for the viewers to watch every time Adrian struggled after being caught while he was smuggling drugs. In actuality, Adrian was a kind and innocent man, but he mixed up with the wrong persons. He did not die, and that is the reason why the fans became sad after the departure of Adrian from the series along with Deran. Deran and Adrian could have had a happy life, and they both deserved better. After discussing all the five characters who deserved better in the Animal Kingdom television series, we have concluded that these characters have played their role perfectly and have gained a lot of fame and also, they did not deserve to die or depart from the show in the way they did. However, most of these have played best on their part, but Adrian should be reconsidered and in the upcoming future of the Animal Kingdom.

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