Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus Will Sport A Giant Primary Camera

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has shown that there is a scope for modern smartphones with the larger camera compartments. After that, you must have seen Huawei P40 Pro following the same tradition of big camera modules. Now, more manufacturers are showing their interest in the bigger camera modules, and they are going to implement this feature in their upcoming models without any fear. Xiaomi is one of the leading budget smartphone manufacturers who will launch their Mi 10 Pro Plus with the giant primary camera. 

An image of the case of the Mi 10 Pro Plus is available on the internet that gives a glimpse of the design. Having the “100X Infinity Zoom” feature in this smartphone will prove to be a good deal. The leaks show that the upcoming smartphone by Xiaomi has the 100X zoom feature, like the Galaxy S20 Ultra

The giant primary camera module is an exciting addition. Yes, bigger camera size might create interest among the buyers, but the camera dimensions are the major attraction of this smartphone. Possibly, the Mi 10 Pro Plus will be a first smartphone that will offer two periscopes with separate optical zoom. Another possibility is the addition of a small auxiliary display.

Mi 10 Pro Plus Might Be Revealed On August 11 

Xiaomi came into existence 10 years ago, and till now, they have established their name as one of the leading budget-friendly smartphone brands. The company planned to celebrate its 10 years of success, but due to this pandemic, the company could not host its 10th anniversary in April. They decided that they will celebrate this event and hold a press meet specially dedicated to the successful completion of their 10 years in the smartphone market. In that press meet, you can expect the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus. 

The CEO of the company also announced that he would give a public speech on August 11. Obviously, he will talk about the current achievements of the company. He will also include the company’s ultimate goal for the next decade. And there are chances that the company will raise the curtains from some of their upcoming projects. Lei Jun (CEO of Xiaomi) also stated that the company had prepared several products for its 10th anniversary. So, there are chances that the company will premiere the Mi 10 Pro Plus in that event.

Insiders are really confident that the company will launch the upgraded version of their flagship phone on August 11. The smartphone has the 120Hz AMOLED display along with the snapdragon 865+ processor. In addition to the giant primary camera module, there will be a fast charger of 100 or 120 watts that will quickly charge your smartphone. 

More information about this smartphone will be out on August 11. So, just wait for the official announcement about this product. 

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