Disney to Begin Selling Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise out of Disney Parks

Official reports state that the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge toys will now be sold in locations apart from the Disney Parks, thus creating history. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge themed areas opened in California’s Disneyland on May 31, 2019, and in Disney’s Hollywood Studio later that year. Since then, it has been one of the primary attractions for people. The theme is based on some real-life locations, and people feel like they have reached a different world altogether. The place is riddled with Easter eggs, immersive activities, and references to the entire Star Wars franchise. The visitors find the utmost thrill in riding the Millennium Falcon, create their lightsabers, consume blue milk, and converse with the Droids. Stretched over a vast area of 609,840 square feet, it bewitches all the people with the engaging perspective of the Black Spire Outpost, a planet of Batuu.

For people who wish to take mementos to commemorate their trip, Disney has unlimited options for souvenirs to choose from. But it looks like Disney has recognized the people’s love for these souvenirs and has decided to make the toys of Galaxy’s Edge available outside the park boundaries as well. The Star Wars website disclosed that Target and Lucasfilm have teamed up to create a line of products that originate from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The Trading Outpost can be ordered online from August 30. The buyers can also opt to buy Black Series First Order Captain Cardinal figurine by booking it in advance. The Smuggler’s Edition of the Millenium Falcon will be priced at $400 and is already out of stock.

But let it be clear, Target is not the only company that has clubbed with Star Wars. The company roped in brands of other products as well. General Mills has happily made it known that they will launch a “Baby Yoda” cereal at the end of July. Disney World had reopened its theme parks on the 11th of July despite the spiking number of cases of Coronavirus. But it can be safely said that they are not receiving the regular amount of crowd to the parks. Disney may have finalized this move to stabilize its financial condition because of no revenue from the parks that was always a significant source of income for them. The company also put its employees on leave, amped up their Disney+ catalogue, and collected an eleven billion US dollar loan.

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